Koolitus “Personal development in EVS project”

Ingliskeelne info:

Topic: exploration and adaptation of personal development tools for EVS volunteers.

How will we do this?
Through 7 training days in which we will live and learn together, in order to:
– understand the concept of “personal development”: in a large perspective, as a continue procees, as a professional guide process with learning objectives, as a pleasure for youth
– get up-to-date and specific information regarding the implementation and functions/roles of personal development tools and process
– understand the multiple roles of volunteer coordinator in EVS projects – to create a personal vision about the role (the multiple roles and the differences betwin coordinator and mentor)
– explore/learn/test/adapt/create new tools for volunteers personal development
– create skills and attitudes related with the success action of a coordinator of EVS projects
– discuss common European values and how they can be implemented in youth projects
– find, share and improve methods of non-formal education in personal development field
– discover and try new, alternative methods of youth stimulation and involvement of volunteers
– create an interactive learning and reflection group of youth workers that will afterwards lay the foundations for future co-operations in Youth in Action projects.

In Romania, in the village area – we will chose a charming and traditional little village in the center of Transylvania, near Cluj-Napoca. Accommodation will be arranged at a pension with traditional home-cooked meals. We intent to offer you an authentic rural experience a window into Romania’s traditions and crafts, as well as the beauty of local landscape, peaceful nature and the harmonious mix of cultural
differences. The program will also include a city tour to Cluj-Napoca – the second largest city in Romania, a vibrant university city with a multicultural, youthful atmosphere.

If you:
– are a youth worker or leader
– are a volunteer coordinator including EVS project coordinator
– are interested in personal development tools, non-formal education, EVS project management
– have a minimal experience with the Youth in Action program
– want to become more professional, more ready to involve volunteers in an long term personal development process
– believe in values such as: continue development, volunteering, inclusion, self-determination, involvement, social responsibility, sense of belonging to a community, youth active participation and the power of group action.