Koolitus Developing social and business entrepreneurial skills for young people in rural areas

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snowThis is a seven days training course which aims to promote entrepreneurship and creativity through non-formal education with young people living in rural areas.

This training course will take place in a beautiful rural area of Snowdonia national park, Wales, (United Kingdom). We will gather 32 youth workers, youth leaders and project managers from 8 different countries, all with similar experiences or interests in working with young people who live in remote/rural areas.

On return of this course, we want participants to enable groups of young people from their countries to create their own successful business or social project, while also giving young people the confidence and creative entrepreneurial skills they need, which in-turn will be useful for their personal and professional lives.

The main objectives of the training course are:

  • Indentifying the main challenges and opportunities of working with young people in rural areas
  • Discussion on existing entrepreneurial business or social projects made in different rural area setting, and the possibility of creatively developing new projects within EU countries
  • Discussions on what are the creative skills and resources needed by young people to develop their own projects, and how to provide or signpost them to access to training, mentoring and funding
  • Making new partners and contacts with similar interest and use this opportunity to set up further events such as training, seminar, exchange and networking
  • Sharing best practice and identify a preferred method for communication or platform to share resources and ideas

Each participating organisations will have to give a presentation (about 2 hours max) about the challenges and opportunities for creating some entrepreneurial projects for young people in rural areas, where they are based. Participants are encouraged to share by giving examples of good practice, existing projects and the skills and resources that were needed by these young people to make it happen.

The presentations will also need to follow the principals of non-formal learning (i.e. different training methods such as active debates, role-plays etc) and also use a range of different learning styles (Audio, Visual and Kinaesthetic). The working language of this course is English, so participants will need to be proficient in their skill level. Participants are also expected to attend the full duration of the events.

As part of the selection criteria we are asking interested organisations to send us a copy of what their session might look like. Additionally, (where possible) you should upload all the project information and its results on your web site or to create a relevant thematic blog for this purpose.

Our organisation will cover participant’s food and accommodation costs, as well as 70% of your travel cost.

Partners for this training course are: Act Global, LAG 5 (Croatia), N.G.O. CIVIS PLUS (Greece), Unia Izerska (Poland), MTÜ Kultuur aitab hingata (Estonia), Istanbul Youth Initiative (Turkey)