Noortevahetus Breaking Stereotypes via the Art of Communication

Noortevahetus Ukrainas

8.-18. juulini toimub Ukrainas noortevahetus, mille teemaks on stereotüübid ja kommunikatsioon. Eestist läheb vahetusse 10 inimest.

Eestit esindavad grupijuht Helina Pukk, Kaili Miil, Piret Karro ja Liisa Hanvere.

Kandidaadilt eeldame:
– 18+ vanus
– inglise keele oskus suhtlustasandil
– positiivne suhtumine projektis osalemiseks, aktiivne osavõtt projektist ja selle ettevalmistamisel
– huvi noortevahetuse teemade vastu

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The project with bring together young people for 3 countries for 7 day international youth exchange project. The project aims is to support young
people to develop mutual cooperation while breaking down cultural stereotypes of each others countries.

The project will take place in Kolochava village in Carpathian Mountains of Western Ukraine. The group will be staying in the local hotel, which will also provide them with all their meals too.

During the exchange young people will engage in a range of art based activities, presentations and games, all with the focus of breaking down barriers of communication, class and culture.

The objectives of this exchange are;

• To create a safe and positive environment that supports self-discovery and the development of self-expression, public speaking and
presentations skills as well as promoting nonviolent communication techniques.
• Develop creating workshops and activities with young people.
• Break cultural stereotypes of participants and local community.
• To foster trust, reciprocity and mutual respect for each others culture and background.
• To teach peace issues and international tolerance.
• To deliver a public presentation to the local community.

We are looking for organizations that can bring young people who would not normally have the opportunity to have such as life experience, and may not have travel abroad before.

The working language of this course is English, so participants will need to be proficient in their skill level. Participants are also expected to attend the full duration of the events.