Koolitus “Rise to the Heights”

Ingliskeelne tutvustus

“Rise to the heights” project is created especially for youth workers to develop skills, knowledge
and attitudes necessary in their work. “Rise to the heights” will take place in Izerskie Mountains in
south-west of Poland, where through wandering, climbing and hiking in the mountains participants
will have an opportunity to take advantages, accept challenges, deepen strengths and fight with
their weaknesses. During this project trainers will help them to define ambitious goals connected
with leadership and move toward them through coaching . Participants will learn how to maximalize
their potential and how to keep balance between work and privacy for more effective youth work.

-to support and develop talent, potential and engagement of youth leaders and youth workers
toward more effective youth work

-to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary in youth work
-to spread coaching as a method of youth work
-to use outdoor activities as a tool strengthening process of self-development

Preliminary programme:
Day 0 – Arrival day – welcoming evening
Day 1 -– Getting to know each other, teambuilding, program, intro into the topic
Day 2 – Diversity icebreaker, self development tools
Day 3 – Coaching, tutoring
Day 4 – Mountains (coaching/tutoring in practice)
Day 5 – Mountains (coaching/tutoring in practice)
Day 6 – Reflection on the experience in the mountains
Day 7- Open space, Future cooperation and networking: setting up and maintaining effective
cooperation with other NGOs,
Day 8 – Youthpass, Evaluation
Day 9 – Departure day