Otsime osalejaid tantsu-, muusika- ja teatriteemalisse noortevahetusse septembris!

Pilt internetist. MTÜ väga hea partner Poolas Wroclawi linnast korraldab septembris noortevahetust “Tradimotion”, mis ootab tantsu-, muusika- ja teatrihuvilisi noori vanuses 18-26. Selleks, et kandideerida, täida ära 11. augustiks ankeet (vaata  SIIA). Noortevahetuse aeg on 24.sept-3.oktoober.

Noortevahetuse info:

The “Tradimotion” project will be held in Wroclaw, Poland in lower Silesia. It is for people interested in understanding various cultures through dance, music and theater. Youth will be invited from five countries Estonia, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. The themes that will be addressed during the
project are to be traditional with cultural and historical significance. The main goal is to further intercultural learning and sharing traditions. Secondary goals are to promote co-operation, understanding, friendship between the participants so they can share their experience in their home countries.

Day 1
Participants’ arrival. We will briefly introduce the main aims of the project, share expectations and
fears considering the project and select working groups assignments (workshops will be divided
into thematic blocks – dance, music, theatre and flashmob preparation). Furthermore we shall
implement introductory and ice-breaking activities.
Day 2
We will conduct more team-building activities, integration and ice-breaking games to grant the
participants the feeling of friendly and effective cooperation. In the evening Polish and Lithuanian
groups are opening a series of national presentation including traditional customs, music and
Day 3
We shall start from the brainstorming and continue with work in the thematic groups – prepare the
play scenario, dance framing and musical background. In the evening Estonian and Spanish group is
preparing its national presentation.
Day 4
We will choose the specific national dances, select the repertoire and show the results to all
participants to produce a final draft. In the evening German and Slovakian group is preparing its
national presentation.
Day 5
From this day on we start practicing for our play and flashmob, starting with Polish and German
dances and preparation of the conceptual background music.
Day 6
Training continuation – today we will practice Lithuanian and Slovakian dances.
Day 7
Training continuation – today we will practice Spanish and Estonian dances.
Day 8
Time for our first final examination – act in front of the wide audience right in the middle of
Wroclaw’s marketplace. In the evening – celebration of the successful event and short summary.
Day 9
The second big day means flashmob in one of the biggest shopping centres in Wroclaw – Galeria
Dominika´nska. In the evening – farewell party.
Day 10
Participants departure.


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