Koolitus Future Leaders

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Transformational leadership is leadership to bring about change which uplifts and benefits humanity, by meeting its needs and developing its capabilities.

“Future Leaders – foundations and practice of Transformational Leadership” is a Youth in Action Training Course for young leaders and youth workers with a demonstrated commitment to making a difference in their communities and organisations. The course will focus on developing leadership skills in young people. The course will be hosted at the Asha Centre, an intercultural and interfaith retreat based in Gloucestershire, for six working days.

The project’s main theme is transformational leadership. The project’s objectives are:
– Introducing, exploring and understanding the concept of Transformational Leadership
– Learning tools for their practical application and applying them immediately in tasks
– Studying real-world examples of the use of transformational leadership to positively impact the world
– Experiencing the training methodology, including the use of experiential learning and basic tools of coaching and facilitation, and fostering youth worker skills in leadership work
– Connecting youth leaders and youth workers from different professional, national and socio-economic backgrounds in a shared sense of value and desire to positively impact the world
– Setting youth workers on a training pathway to coaching and delivering on future programmes through an agreed accreditation framework
– Developing a follow-up network of activities among partners from the UK and Europe, devoted to youth leadership in action

The project is based on non-formal, experiential learning methodology and will use Foundation for Transformational Leadership (FTL) materials. Main activities include leadership workshops, including: defining transformational leadership, analysing attitudes, values and beliefs and their impact on actions, decision-making, leadership styles and communication styles, amongst others. What is more, participants will
explore intercultural learning and will be introduced to European educational frameworks, notably Youth in Action.