What drives us?

Since we came to be (September 2009) we have been devoted to make our own ideas heard and seen.

As our team members have the same higher education from UT Viljandi Culture Academy, we have similar mind-set that helps us to achieve what we believe in. That culture helps to breathe! 

We value heritage and traditions but we like to look at them with new pair of glasses – a twist, a modern approach – something new is always required. But we never forget where we come from, how deep our roots go and what makes us tick… or laugh. Joy is important as is education.

Us as partners


Hannele and Merli looking dedicated in Scotland, 2009, after the decision to establish the NGO.

Having us as partners is fun. And reliable. We do our job as best as we know and we have never heard any complaints.

We love finding people around us who are driven to go and make the most for themselves and for your project.

So, if you would like to have us as your partner in some programmes, please feel free to contact us via e-mail: mty.kah@gmail.com and make a proposal!